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Blonde Porter


We wanted to deconstruct the flavor profile of a porter and recreate those flavors without using the traditional roasted malts to create a light blonde colored, full flavored beer. We used oats and wheat to build a full creamy body aged with coffee and chocolate for a rich roasted aroma and robust finish.

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Perrin Brewing Co

We are committed to crafting high quality and consistent beer with a leading-edge taste.

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Nitro Mild Ale       Tier 2      ABV 4.1%      IBU’s 25

Watch the ballet of tiny, effervescent nitrous bubbles dance in your pint. Smell the freshly toasted French baguette and hints of milky chocolate. Taste the light, fruity esters from an authentic British ale yeast. Savor the herbal snap of earthy Mount Hood and Goldings hops. Feel the silky-smoothness on your tongue that this nitrogenized beauty provides… And by all means, order another.

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