Dear Roeselare,

… We know our sours beers are good but it may be too early to start writing love letters about them, well at least wait until Friday when Roeselare is released! Roeselare is a Flemish Amber Ale that uses a mixed blend of Flemish Red and Roeselare yeast strains which have multiple types of wild yeast: lactobacillus and pediococcus and it is named for the Roeselare region in Belgium where these wild ales originated. It has been aged for over 1 1/2 years in neutral barrels which makes it a complex sour. We are excited for the release as it has already gotten high esteem (links will be shared when articles are released). Roeselare will be available in 12 oz. bottles.

 We have a Belgian Brown sour being aged in Cooper barrels with a large addition of Michigan’s King Orchards’ Montmorency cherries. This is another exciting part of our growing sour series! Hope you enjoy! Cheers!


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