A sneak peek into two of our upcoming beers; a Pale Ale and Sweet Potato Porter.

The Pale Ale is a 4.6% ABV 40 IBU brew that is heavily dry hopped with Mosiac and Motueka hops. Mosiac hops are one of the most sought after American hops that offer a high amount of aroma and a citrusy, fruity pebble, mango like taste. Boosting the aroma of this Pale Ale even more so are the highly aromatic New Zealand hops Motueka. Overall this Pale Ale is extremely aromatic with a light body and a crisp finish. This beer is being released the first week of February. Seeing how over 70% of what we taste comes from the sense of smell this beer is sure to be tasty! 

 Have you ever thought about putting your favorite porter into a blender with a holiday sweet potato soufflé to get the best of both worlds? Well since that is unadvisable we went ahead and did the next best thing and brewed a sweet potato porter. This was a collaboration between the brewers and Perrin Brewing Company’s own kitchen staff! Kitchen Manager Marc Perkins along with the kitchen staff candied 160 lbs. of sweet potatoes for us to use in our brew. The potato starches will lighten the body and we added lots of low level crystal malts and carapils to sweeten the beer and add caramel notes to create a candied potato porter. Our production manager has been tempted with garnishing the pints with roasted marshmallows... The specs are 5.41% ABV and 33 IBU and it will be available in March.

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