No Problems Pack

Our "No Problems" is more than just a beer, it's a way of life.

Along with the release of No Problems Session IPA 15-packs, our brewers worked together to express their view of "no problems" aside from brewing great beer.

Throughout a series of videos, you get to experience and share the unique passions and hobbies the brew team enjoys outside of the brewery. From crushing cans, ultimate beer runs, and climbing barrel tanks these brewers are far from ordinary. 

John Stewart, Director of Brewing Operations

Crush a full can of beer with your hands?

No Problem for John Stewart, Director of Brewing Operations at Perrin. Be like John and crush a No Problems 15-pack.

Joe Wilkenson, Brewer

Joe has no problem making bad a** origami. 

His attention to detail and precision always him to enjoy his No Problems from an origami cup. 

Josh Stewart, Safety Manager

Take a look at this little Stewart, one of the future brewers of Perrin!

Eamon McCarthy, Cellarman

Can you imagine running an average of 14 miles everyday to and from work?

Eamon has no problem using his two legs are his mode of transportation. 

Andy Debski, Bolts & Beer Mr. Fix It

Our Bolts & Beer Mr. Fix It Andy Debski is always keepin' our facility free of no problems


Connor Klopcic, Brewer

Connor Klopcic has no problem when it comes to being a dodgeball champion. Although those on the other side of the dodgeball might need a No Problems beer!

Sheldon King, Cellarman

In the spirit of this weekends MSU game, our Cellarman Sheldon King has no problem getting rowdy and loud for his favorite sports team. Go green go white! 

Bill VanEenenaam, Lead Brewer

Bill's state of "no problems" can be found camping. Outdoors, indoors, or in the malt room is no problem for Bill to pop up his campsite. 

Bryan Bastow, Quality Control Director

Bryan combines art and science together to craft quality, consistent, and delicious beer.

On the side, Bryan enjoys rock climbing. It’s not about how fast ya get there, or what’s on the other side. It’s just about the climb. 

Justin Stewart, Lead Cellarman

Justin has a few pots of veggies of his own. Just like anything with a little time and patience, good things take root. 

Adam LeClaire, Operations Manager

Adam really likes running. Over 100 miles worth of running. It helps him get the crazies out for a life of no problems. 

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