Justy Bear

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Justin Stewart

Meet Justin Stewart, he is not to be confused with the great John Stewart or the not so great but still good Josh Stewart of the Perrin Brew team. Although they are all brothers and have many things in common, Justin is his own special person. Otherwise known as Justy Bear to all who are lucky enough to know him. He is also referred to as Perrin’s Sweetheart by our Quality Control man, Bryan “Boomer” Bastow.

Justin began working at Perrin Brewing Company in March of 2013 and previously worked at Saugatuck Brewing Company, located in, you guessed it, Saugatuck, MI. He attended Grand Rapids Community College as a science major. Justin is the Head Cellar man here at Perrin, he is in charge of all of the shiny tanks you can see through the windows. Once the beer is knocked out into the fermenters, he is now the man with the plan. Between fermentation, dry-hopping, fruit additions, CO2 levels, transfers, and filters. It is all under Justin’s domain.

 When asked about why he chose to pursue brewing as his career, he answered “Brewing has a lot going on all the time, there is constantly something new every day. It really stimulates the mind and body. You’re constantly learning something new and how to avoid problems or issues that can occur. It gives you a pretty good workout at the same time.” In confidence “Justy Bear” has been known to say that he attracts the ladies with his bulging muscles and keeps them with his overwhelming caring demeanor. His favorite movie is The Lucky One, while his favorite Pandora radio station is 90’s pop. He likes long walks but longer shuffle board tables. He is something of a shuffle puck master around the Perrin taproom and declares he is the best in the brewery, in the most humble way possible.

 “If I wasn’t working in the beer industry, I would definitely be a stay at home dad.” Stated Perrin’s Sweetheart. But for all of you who were wondering, Justin does not have any children at the moment. He is available, so come on in to the taproom and ask to meet the wonderfully enchanting Justy Bear. He may take you to his favorite vacation spot up north, or to watch his favorite sports team, the Fighting Irish. In his free time he likes to exercise (transformation Tuesdays) and game.

Alright, back to the beer part of it. These are a little fun beer facts about Justin:

First Beer- Miller High Life

Favorite Perrin Beer on tap- Bilbo’s “Bitter” Baggins

Favorite Perrin Beer of all time- No Rules

Favorite Beer Style- Sours

Favorite non-Perrin Beer- Skullspliter Orkney

Favorite Perrin Lunch Item- Revenge of the pacifist with a side of Mac n’ Cheese

Favorite West Michigan place to drink is Our Tavern because they have super long shuffleboard tables

Perrin’s Lil’Griz was named after Justin because during the month of November, no matter how hard he tried, he could not grow a beard. He simply looked like a little grizzly bear.

There you have it. You have now officially met Justin “Justy Bear” Stewart. Perrin’s Sweetheart and the namesake for Lil’s Griz. There is no way that all these words can describe what a man Justin is, and that’s why we included a picture of him on here as well.

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