Meet The Brewer: Joe Wilkinson

What is your role at Perrin Brewing Company?
I brew beer for the masses to enjoy.

What is your favorite beer on tap?
I would have to go with You Bretta Run, simply because of its low ABV and crisp, clean easy drinkability on a hot or cold day.

What is your all-time favorite Perrin beer?
Well, that’s a no-brainer, Of Rice & Men.  I guess No Rules is alright as well.

What are your Hobbies?
When I’m not at work you will find me at home playing with my kids, trying to build something from scratch or on the golf course. I also enjoy hunting and fishing but it’s sometimes hard to find the time.

Who would you do a collaboration brew with?
I’ve always thought it would be cool to do a brew with Sam Calagione the Founder of Dogfish head brewing. He really gets creative with his beers and thinks outside the box and I like that. He is a great role model to have in the craft beer industry.

Best west Michigan place to drink?
I really like The Reservoir (or Sazaracs) on Plainfield. It has a great atmosphere and a great beer selection and never too crowded.

What got you into brewing?
I always wanted to brew but didn’t know quite how to get into it until a buddy brought his setup to my place. I was hooked after that first batch. Being able to create something out of raw grains that friends can enjoy and converse over is a great feeling. 

What is your favorite sports team?
Well, obviously the Detroit Lions.  One of these years I won’t be let down…hopefully…

What is your go-to food item at Perrin Brewing?
I gotta go with the boneless wings with black ale bbq sauce and jalapeno ranch as my dipper.

If you could take three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be?
A picture of the family, a Firestarter and a machete lol

Meet The Brewer: Josh Stewart

Josh Stewart is the Safety Manager and Packaging Manager here at Perrin Brewing Co. This fall will mark his third year with the company. These are a few things he would like to share with you:

What do you do here?
Imagine Auguste Rodin’s statue, The Thinker, add about 15 lbs of muscle to him and you pretty much have what I do here in bronze form. I started out in packaging, moved to the cellar (coldside), spent almost a year brewing (hotside), somewhere in-between the two I adopted a safety culture and as well I am the Packaging Manager. It has been a neat transition and I believe I am one of only two employees that are competent in all production areas (someone fact check that).

What is your favorite beer?
My favorite beer to drink is an American lager, My favorite beer to brew is QStew

Do you have any hobbies?
I am about as cool now as I was in high school (flash back to high school and I am sitting alone at lunch playing Pokemon Red on the Gameboy laughing at my own jokes). Just kidding. I enjoy football, so you can catch me playing in flag football tournaments or coaching high school football in the Fall. I also enjoy cooking, reading books and watching movies.

If you are not at work, what can we find you doing?
I am a HUGE homebody; you can find me with my wife and son and our dogs if I am not at work. We try to do a lot as a family: go to the zoo, play outside, go to Grandma’s, or anything else that fosters a fun family time.

Who would you do a collaboration brew with?
I get teased about this but I really enjoy drinking hard cider. I have volunteered and judged at a few competitions and enjoy the sense of nature that ciders offer. It makes sense then that I would like to do a brew with Thistly Cross or Woodchuck.

Favorite Music?
I listen to country, Top 40, some hard rock, but my default radio station is normally WCSG.

Favorite Sports Team?
Michigan State Spartans

What is your favorite Perrin Lunch Item?
Chicken wings, half Parmesan Garlic-half black ale BBQ 

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